Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide consumers with superior CBD products backed by evidence-based scientific data, confirmed through 3rd party analysis and recommended by physicians. 

Why Choose DOC-CBD?

DOC-CBD was created to solve the fundamental issues associated with conventional CBD products; low bioavailability, short shelf life, and the wide array of false claims regarding nanotechnology and effectiveness.

A Better Product

DOC-CBD’s patented technology, nextCBD™, has a proven shelf life of 2 years, and is pre-clincally proven to increase the absorption 18 to 22 times greater into the bloodstream when compared to conventional CBD. 

Research-Backed Product

DOC-CBD has utilized third party confirmatory testing for our bioavailability, shelf-life, and  stability when passing through the stomach. Check out our data here and see for yourself.

Pre-clinical studies done at Science-in-Action, Israel; Blood analyses performed at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Physician Recommended

Our product has higher bioavailability, does not get converted to anything other than CBD in the stomach, as all other similar products do, and is stable up to 4 years. All of these qualities make DOC-CBD the best choice for physicians seeking to provide their patients with a superior product, with pre-clinical data to back it up.